USB Data Acquisition (DAQ) Products

USB Data Acquisition (DAQ) Products

ACCES now offers USB-based data acquisition and control in both standard packaging and embedded OEM USB/104 board only options. These USB DAQ devices are perfect for a variety of applications requiring monitoring, control and industrial serial communications. USB is by far the most popular and compatible standard data interface for direct PC connection. Add the features you need in your application in hours, not days. Choose from over 100 different models and options (including extended temperature) encompassing analog I/O, digital I/O, counter/timer, and serial I/O configurations. Experience simple and immediate connection to any PC or embedded system with a USB port.

Our USB OEM product line features two different size form factors – USB/104 and USB/PICO. The USB/104 product line PCB size measures just 90mm x 96mm and the mounting holes match the PC/104 form factor for quick and easy installation in both new and existing PC/104-based systems. Our USB/PICO line was created for our customers which demand an even smaller footprint and certain specific I/O configurations. The size of these modules is exactly half that of PC/104 (72mm x 60mm) and can be mounted virtually anywhere, including Pico-ITXe next generation embedded CPUs. Both USB/104 and USB/PICO are stackable or unstackable, making them one of the most versatile I/O form factors currently available.

For existing PC/104 users, what makes our embedded OEM board-only option unique is that its PCB size and mounting holes match the PC/104 form factor. Our USB/104 versions are excellent for installation into OEM equipment or adding I/O to an existing PC/104 stack.

All of our USB DAQ products feature Plug-and-Play, hot swappable installation for quick connect or disconnect in mobile, embedded, or stationary systems. All ACCES USB products are compatible with USB 2.0 and most fall into the highest-speed category of this specification. These boards are excellent for easy installation into OEM equipment and eliminate the labor required with traditional plug-in boards. No screws, reboots, I/O addresses, DIP switches, DMA channels or IRQ settings. All products feature a Type B USB connector with industrial strength and a high-retention design. For embedded OEM type applications, an additional micro-fit embedded USB input header is provided.

Call us today and start your application tomorrow. And remember, if you don’t see what you need, ask us and we will make it for you.

Multifunction Analog Input/Output USB DAQ Products

Select from a large assortment of 16, 32, 64, 96, and 128-channel multifunction analog input modules. Analog inputs are available as either single-ended or differential. Choose from either 12 or 16-bit versions with speeds up 500kHz. All models incorporate two 16-bit analog outputs, 16 lines of digital I/O, and are integrated inside a rugged, small sized steel enclosure with an anti-skid bottom. A DIN rail mounting provision is available for installation in industrial environments. Additional features include software autocalibration (real-time) and on-board references for increased accuracy. Extended temperature (-40? to +85?C) is available.

A wide range of flexible signal conditioning types per channel are also offered. These include options such as RC filters on each input, voltage dividers on each input, 4-20mA current inputs, thermocouples (temp sensor for cold junction), RTD measurement, as well as bridge completion.

For applications requiring analog inputs only, a line of cost efficient USB products offers all of the features described above except no analog outputs are included.

Analog Output USB DAQ Products

Select from an assortment of 12 and 16-bit USB analog output modules. The multifunction USB-AO series offers 4, 8, or 16 analog outputs, 2 analog inputs, along with 16 lines of digital I/O. For those of you that require waveform outputs, our USB-DA12-8A features eight individual 12-bit D/A converters with full Arbitrary Waveform Generator functionality (AWG/ARB) and up to 125 KSample/second simultaneously on eight channels.

Digital Input / Output USB DAQ Products

ACCES I/O Products provides a complete family of industrial strength digital I/O products for compact control and monitoring applications. Choose from 4 to 96 channels offering various voltage, isolation and counter/timer options. Using one of our 4-port USB hubs, up to 384 channels of high-density digital I/O can be realized.

Our fastest USB digital I/O unit to date (Model USB-DIO-16H), features 16 high-speed buffered digital inputs or digital outputs at continuous, sustained streaming speeds up to 16 MB/s for fast, unlimited waveform length. The module is also capable of 80 MB/s bursts with handshaking signals for synchronizing communications.

Ideal for applications sensing TTL, LVTTL, CMOS logic or monitoring dry contacts and to control external relays, drive indicators and audible alarms as well as controlling external devices such as LEDs and system controllers? ACCES I/O’s USB digital products will meet the needs of your embedded kiosk, test, control, monitoring and alarm applications.

Serial Communication USB Products

ACCES I/O Products USB to Serial devices are designed for use with any computer system equipped with a USB port. Simply install the included software and connect the unit to your USB port and transform it into asynchronous serial ports for communication with serial instruments. 1, 2, and 4-port models are available offering users the choice of selectable RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 protocols per port. All units include a rugged steel enclosure with attractive powder coat finish and anti-skid bottom and options for DIN-rail mounting and extended temperature.

Multiple peripherals such as POS, barcode scanners, scales, date-entry terminals, data acquisition (DAQ) modules, and automation equipment can now be recognized and used on a single USB port. It is now easier than ever to add serial ports and serial devices to any application with the trouble-free plug-and-play and hot-swapping features USB provides.

USB Products


Multifunction Analog Input/Output DAQ on USB

Model# of InputsResSpeed Bip RngUni RngAutocalFIFO# DACshf:att:pa_inputshf:att:pa_res-inputhf:att:pa_speedhf:att:pa_bip-rg-inputhf:att:pa_uni-rg-inputhf:att:pa_autocalhf:att:pa_fifohf:att:pa_outputs
USB-AIO16-16F16 SE, 8 DIF161MHz44YesYes2 or 4Show details16-se-8-dif161mhz44yesyes2-or-4
USB-AIO16-16A16 SE, 8 DIF16500kHz44YesYes2 or 4Show details16-se-8-dif16500khz44yesyes2-or-4
USB-AIO16-16E16 SE, 8 DIF16250kHz44RefsYes2 or 4Show details16-se-8-dif16250khz44refsyes2-or-4
USB-AI16-16F16 SE, 8 DIF161MHz44YesYesShow details16-se-8-dif161mhz44yesyes634
USB-AI16-16A16 SE, 8 DIF16500kHz44YesYesShow details16-se-8-dif16500khz44yesyes634
USB-AI16-16E16 SE, 8 DIF16250kHz44RefsYesShow details16-se-8-dif16250khz44refsyes634
USB-AIO12-16A16 SE, 8 DIF12500kHz44YesYes2 or 4Show details16-se-8-dif12500khz44yesyes2-or-4
USB-AIO12-1616 SE, 8 DIF12250kHz44RefsYes2 or 4Show details16-se-8-dif12250khz44refsyes2-or-4
USB-AIO12-16E16 SE, 8 DIF12100kHz44NoYes2 or 4Show details16-se-8-dif12100khz44noyes2-or-4
USB-AI12-16A16 SE, 8 DIF12500kHz44YesYesShow details16-se-8-dif12500khz44yesyes634
USB-AI12-1616 SE, 8 DIF12250kHz44RefsYesShow details16-se-8-dif12250khz44refsyes634
USB-AI12-16E16 SE, 8 DIF12100kHz44NoYesShow details16-se-8-dif12100khz44noyes634
USB-AI16-2A2161MHz ×244NoYesShow details2161mhz-x244noyes634

DAQ-PACK High Channel Count Flexible Signal Conditioning Multifunction Analog Input/Output Products on USB

Model# of InputsResSpeed Bip RngUni RngAutocalFIFO# DACshf:att:pa_inputshf:att:pa_res-inputhf:att:pa_speedhf:att:pa_bip-rg-inputhf:att:pa_uni-rg-inputhf:att:pa_autocalhf:att:pa_fifohf:att:pa_outputs
DPK-AIO12-128E128 DIF12100kHz99NoYes2Show details128-dif12100khz99noyes2
DPK-AIO12-128128 DIF12250kHz99RefsYes2Show details128-dif12250khz99refsyes2
DPK-AIO12-128A128 DIF12500kHz99YesYes2Show details128-dif12500khz99yesyes2
DPK-AI12-128E128 DIF12100kHz99NoYesShow details128-dif12100khz99noyes634
DPK-AI12-128128 DIF12250kHz99RefsYesShow details128-dif12250khz99refsyes634
DPK-AI12-128A128 DIF12500kHz99YesYesShow details128-dif12500khz99yesyes634
DPK-AIO16-128E128 DIF16250kHz99RefsYes2Show details128-dif16250khz99refsyes2
DPK-AIO16-128A128 DIF16500kHz99YesYes2Show details128-dif16500khz99yesyes2
DPK-AI16-128E128 DIF16250kHz99RefsYesShow details128-dif16250khz99refsyes634
DPK-AI16-128A128 DIF16500kHz99YesYesShow details128-dif16500khz99yesyes634
DPK-AIO12-32E32 DIF12100kHz99NoYes2Show details32-dif12100khz99noyes2
DPK-AIO12-3232 DIF12250kHz99RefsYes2Show details32-dif12250khz99refsyes2
DPK-AIO12-32A32 DIF12500kHz99YesYes2Show details32-dif12500khz99yesyes2
DPK-AI12-32E32 DIF12100kHz99NoYesShow details32-dif12100khz99noyes634
DPK-AI12-32A32 DIF12500kHz99YesYesShow details32-dif12500khz99yesyes634
DPK-AI12-3232 DIF12250kHz99RefsYesShow details32-dif12250khz99refsyes634
DPK-AIO16-32E32 DIF16250kHz99RefsYes2Show details32-dif16250khz99refsyes2
DPK-AIO16-32A32 DIF16500kHz99YesYes2Show details32-dif16500khz99yesyes2
DPK-AI16-32A32 DIF16500kHz99YesYesShow details32-dif16500khz99yesyes634
DPK-AI16-32E32 DIF16250kHz99RefsYesShow details32-dif16250khz99refsyes634
DPK-AIO12-64E64 DIF12100kHz99NoYes2Show details64-dif12100khz99noyes2
DPK-AIO12-6464 DIF12250kHz99RefsYes2Show details64-dif12250khz99refsyes2
DPK-AIO12-64A64 DIF12500kHz99YesYes2Show details64-dif12500khz99yesyes2
DPK-AI12-64E64 DIF12100kHz99NoYesShow details64-dif12100khz99noyes634
DPK-AI12-6464 DIF12250kHz99RefsYesShow details64-dif12250khz99refsyes634
DPK-AI12-64A64 DIF12500kHz99YesYesShow details64-dif12500khz99yesyes634
DPK-AIO16-64E64 DIF16250kHz99RefsYes2Show details64-dif16250khz99refsyes2
DPK-AIO16-64A64 DIF16500kHz99YesYes2Show details64-dif16500khz99yesyes2
DPK-AIO12-96E96 DIF12100kHz99NoYes2Show details96-dif12100khz99noyes2
DPK-AIO12-9696 DIF12250kHz99RefsYes2Show details96-dif12250khz99refsyes2
DPK-AIO12-96A96 DIF12500kHz99YesYes2Show details96-dif12500khz99yesyes2
DPK-AI12-96E96 DIF12100kHz99NoYesShow details96-dif12100khz99noyes634
DPK-AI16-64E64 DIF16250kHz99RefsYesShow details64-dif16250khz99refsyes634
DPK-AI12-9696 DIF12250kHz99RefsYesShow details96-dif12250khz99refsyes634
DPK-AI16-64A64 DIF16500kHz99YesYesShow details64-dif16500khz99yesyes634
DPK-AI12-96A96 DIF12500kHz99YesYesShow details96-dif12500khz99yesyes634
DPK-AIO16-96A96 DIF16500kHz99YesYes2Show details96-dif16500khz99yesyes2
DPK-AIO16-96E96 DIF16250kHz99RefsYes2Show details96-dif16250khz99refsyes2
DPK-AI16-96E96 DIF16250kHz99RefsYesShow details96-dif16250khz99refsyes634
DPK-AI16-96A96 DIF16500kHz99YesYesShow details96-dif16500khz99yesyes634

DAQ-PACK Multifunction 64-Channel Count Economy Analog Input/Output Products on USB

Model# of InputsResSpeed Bip RngUni RngAutocalFIFO# DACshf:att:pa_inputshf:att:pa_res-inputhf:att:pa_speedhf:att:pa_bip-rg-inputhf:att:pa_uni-rg-inputhf:att:pa_autocalhf:att:pa_fifohf:att:pa_outputs
DPK-AI12-64ME64 SE, 32 DIF12100kHz42NoYesShow details64-se-32-dif12100khz42noyes634
DPK-AI12-64M64 SE, 32 DIF12250kHz42RefsYesShow details64-se-32-dif12250khz42refsyes634
DPK-AI12-64MA64 SE, 32 DIF12500kHz42YesYesShow details64-se-32-dif12500khz42yesyes634
DPK-AIO12-64ME64 SE, 32 DIF12100kHz42NoYes2Show details64-se-32-dif12100khz42noyes2
DPK-AIO12-64M64 SE, 32 DIF12250kHz42RefsYes2Show details64-se-32-dif12250khz42refsyes2
DPK-AIO12-64MA64 SE, 32 DIF12500kHz42YesYes2Show details64-se-32-dif12500khz42yesyes2
DPK-AI16-64ME64 SE, 32 DIF16250kHz42RefsYesShow details64-se-32-dif16250khz42refsyes634
DPK-AI16-64MA64 SE, 32 DIF16500kHz42YesYesShow details64-se-32-dif16500khz42yesyes634
DPK-AIO16-64ME64 SE, 32 DIF16250kHz42RefsYes2Show details64-se-32-dif16250khz42refsyes2
DPK-AIO16-64MA64 SE, 32 DIF16500kHz42YesYes2Show details64-se-32-dif16500khz42yesyes2

Analog Outputs on USB

Model# DACsRes Bip RngUni Rng4-20mADigital I/OXThf:att:pa_outputshf:att:pa_reshf:att:pa_bip-rghf:att:pa_uni-rghf:att:pa_four20mahf:att:pa_digital-i-ohf:att:pa_xt
USB-AO16-16A161611No16 I/O (8/8)YesShow details161611no16-io-8-8yes
USB-AO16-16E161611No16 I/O (8/8)YesShow details161611no16-io-8-8yes
USB-AO16-8A81611No16 I/O (8/8)YesShow details81611no16-io-8-8yes
USB-AO16-8E81611No16 I/O (8/8)YesShow details81611no16-io-8-8yes
USB-AO16-4A41611No16 I/O (8/8)YesShow details41611no16-io-8-8yes
USB-AO16-4E41611No16 I/O (8/8)YesShow details41611no16-io-8-8yes
USB-AO12-16A161211No16 I/O (8/8)YesShow details161211no16-io-8-8yes
USB-AO12-16E161211No16 I/O (8/8)YesShow details161211no16-io-8-8yes
USB-AO12-8A81211No16 I/O (8/8)YesShow details81211no16-io-8-8yes
USB-AO12-8E81211No16 I/O (8/8)YesShow details81211no16-io-8-8yes
USB-DA12-8A8 SE/DIF1233NoYesShow details8-se-dif1233no573yes
USB-DA12-8E8 SE/DIF1233NoYesShow details8-se-dif1233no573yes
USB-AO-ARB111633No8 I/O (4/4)YesShow details11633no8-io-4-4yes

Digital (TTL/CMOS) Input/Output on USB

ModelDigital I/OCountersCoS IRQXThf:att:pa_digital-i-ohf:att:pa_countershf:att:pa_coshf:att:pa_xt
USB-DIO-96-OEM-IOB-96 Kit96 OutNoneNoYesShow details96-outnonenoyes
USB-DIO-9696 I/O (8/8/4/4 ×4)NoneNoYesShow details96-i-o-8-8-4-4-x4nonenoyes
USB-DIO-16A16 High Speed In, 16 High Speed Out, 18 I/O (8,4,3,3)NoneNoYesShow details16-high-speed-in-16-high-speed-out-18-i-o-8433nonenoyes
USB-DI16A16 High Speed In, 18 I/O (8,4,3,3)NoneNoYesShow details16-high-speed-in-18-i-o-8433nonenoyes
USB-DO16A16 High Speed Out, 18 I/O (8,4,3,3)NoneNoYesShow details16-high-speed-out-18-i-o-8433nonenoyes
USB-DIO-16H16 High Speed In, 16 High Speed Out, 18 I/O (8,4,3,3)NoneNoYesShow details16-high-speed-in-16-high-speed-out-18-i-o-8433nonenoyes
USB-DIO-48-OEM-IOB-48 Kit48 OutYesShow details48-out629571yes
USB-DIO-4848 I/O (8/8/4/4 ×2)YesShow details48-i-o-8-8-4-4-x2629571yes
USB-DO2424 OutNoneNoYesShow details24-outnonenoyes
USB-DIO24DO1224 I/O (8/8/4/4)NoneNoYesShow details24-i-o-8-8-4-4nonenoyes
USB-DIO48DO2448 I/O (8/8/4/4 ×2)NoneNoYesShow details48-i-o-8-8-4-4-x2nonenoyes
USB-CTR-1515NoYesShow details57315noyes
USBP-DIO16RO816 I/O, 8 OutNoneNoYesShow details16-i-o 8-outnonenoyes
USBP-DIO1616 I/ONoneNoYesShow details16-i-ononenoyes
USB-DIO-32I32 Individual I/ONoneNoYesShow details32-individual-i-ononenoyes
USB-DIO24-CTR624 I/O (8/8/4/4)6NoYesShow details24-i-o-8-8-4-46noyes
USB-DIO-2424 I/O (8/8/4/4)NoneNoYesShow details24-i-o-8-8-4-4nonenoyes
USB-DIO-3232 I/O (8/8/8/8)Up to 3NoYesShow details32-in-outup-to-3noyes

Isolated Digital: Inputs, Relays (Electromechanical and Solid-State (FET)) on USB

ModelDigital I/ORelays/FETsCountersCOSXThf:att:pa_digital-i-ohf:att:pa_relayhf:att:pa_countershf:att:pa_coshf:att:pa_xt
USB-DIO-96-OEM-IOB-96 Kit96 OutNoneNoneNoYesShow details96-outnonenonenoyes
USB-DIO-9696 I/O (8/8/4/4 ×4)NoneNoneNoYesShow details96-i-o-8-8-4-4-x4nonenonenoyes
USB-DIO-48-OEM-IOB-48 Kit48 OutYesShow details48-out570629571yes
USB-DIO-4848 I/O (8/8/4/4 ×2)YesShow details48-i-o-8-8-4-4-x2570629571yes
USB-DO2424 Out24 FETsNoneNoYesShow details24-out24-ssnonenoyes
USB-DIO24DO1224 I/O (8/8/4/4)12 FETsNoneNoYesShow details24-i-o-8-8-4-412-ssnonenoyes
USB-DIO48DO2448 I/O (8/8/4/4 ×2)24 FETsNoneNoYesShow details48-i-o-8-8-4-4-x224-ssnonenoyes
USB-II-1616 InNoneNoneNoYesShow details16-innonenonenoyes
USB-IIRO-44 In & 4 Out4 EMNoneNoYesShow details4-in-4-out4nonenoyes
USB-IIRO-88 In & 8 Out8 EMNoneNoYesShow details8-in-8-out8nonenoyes
USB-RO-1616 Out16 EMNoneNoYesShow details16-out16nonenoyes
USB-IIRO-1616 In & 16 Out16 EMNoneNoYesShow details16-in-16-out16nonenoyes
USB-IDIO-4L4 In & 4 Out4 FETs-LNoneNoYesShow details4-in-4-out4-ss-lnonenoyes
USB-IDIO-8L8 In & 8 Out8 FETs-LNoneNoYesShow details8-in-8-out8-ss-lnonenoyes
USB-IDO-16L16 Out16 FETs-LNoneNoYesShow details16-out16-ss-lnonenoyes
USB-IDIO-16L16 In & 16 Out16 FETs-LNoneNoYesShow details16-in-16-out16-ss-lnonenoyes
USB-IDO-1616 Out16 FETsNoneNoYesShow details16-out16-ssnonenoyes
USB-IDIO-1616 In & 16 Out16 FETsNoneNoYesShow details16-in-16-out16-ssnonenoyes
USB-IDIO-44 In & 4 Out4 FETsNoneNoYesShow details4-in-4-out4-ssnonenoyes
USB-IDIO-88 In & 8 Out8 FETsNoneNoYesShow details8-in-8-out8-ssnonenoyes
USB-IIRO4-2SM4 In & 4 Out4 EMNoneNoNoShow details4-in-4-out4nonenono
USB-COM-2SMNoneNoneNoNoShow details573nonenonenono
USB-IIRO-4DB4 In & 4 Out4 EMNoneNoNoShow details4-in-4-out4nonenono

Hubs on USB


7-Port industrial USB 3.1 hub with latching connectors and rugged enclosure

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7-Port industrial USB 3.1 hub with non-latching connectors and rugged enclosure

Show details

5-Port SuperSpeed+ USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type C & Type A Hub with Latching connectors

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5-Port SuperSpeed+ USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type C & Type A Hub with Non-latching connectors

Show details

4-Port industrial USB 3.1 Hub with latching connectors

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4-Port industrial USB 3.1 Hub with non-latching connectors

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Rugged, Industrial-Strength 4-Port Isolated USB Hub

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Rugged, Industrial Grade, 4-Port High-Speed USB 2.0 Hub, 3.5” front panel drive bay mountable

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Rugged, Industrial Grade, 4-Port High-Speed USB 2.0 Hub, PC/104

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Single Port USB Isolator, Board-only

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Single Port USB Isolator, Enclosed

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Serial Communications (incl Isolated) on USB

ModelRS-232RS-422RS-485Max BaudIsolationLRG FIFOConnectorXThf:att:pa_rs-232hf:att:pa_rs-422hf:att:pa_rs-485hf:att:pa_baudhf:att:pa_isolationhf:att:pa_lrg-fifohf:att:pa_connectorhf:att:pa_xt
USB-COM232-4A4NoneNone230.4kNoYesDB9MYesShow details4nonenone230-4knoyesdb9myes
USB-FLEXCOM4444230.4kNoYesDB9MYesShow details444230-4knoyesdb9myes
USB-IIRO4-2SM222460.8kNoNoDB25F, DB9Mx2NoShow details222460-8knonodb25f db9mx2no
USB-COM-2SM222460.8kNoNoDB9Mx2NoShow details222460-8knonodb9mx2no
USB-IIRO-4DBNoneNoneNoneN/ANoNoDB25FNoShow detailsnonenonenonen-anonodb25fno
ANDROID-2321NoneNone460.8k, 115.2k, 921.6kNoYesDB9MYesShow details1nonenone460-8k 115-2k 921-6knoyesdb9myes
USB-422-INDNone1None3MNoYesDB9MYesShow detailsnone1none3mnoyesdb9myes
USB-485-INDNoneNone13MNoYesDB9MYesShow detailsnonenone13mnoyesdb9myes
USB-422-485-INDNone113MNoYesDB9MYesShow detailsnone113mnoyesdb9myes
USB-232-IND1NoneNone1MNoYesDB9MYesShow details1nonenone1mnoyesdb9myes