Works in your computers’ NVME slots!

M.2 (the bus formerly known as NGFF) is a new, more flexible alternative to PCI Express Mini Cards (mPCIe) for use as a multi-purpose small-form-factor embedded computer expansion bus. Designed for versatility, M.2 supports both smaller and larger footprints than mPCIe, and consumes less power, making it a perfect choice for a variety of embedded applications.


M.2 is quite versatile, with a flexible selection of busses provided at the 75-pin connector (like PCIe, SATA, USB, and I2C) as determined by each computer manufacturer. To ensure any given peripheral will be supported by any host computer’s particular slot’s features a connector-key system was implemented. Similar to the various “notches” on DIMM sticks each M.2 device will have notches that prevent installation in incompatible computer slots, and which indicate the specific bus capabilities they require. For example, M.2 cards with the “M” key-notch will work in host slots that provide 4-lane PCI Express, SATA, and SMBUS interfaces. Cards with the “B” key might need one or more of the 2-lane PCIe, SATA, USB3, USB2, UIM, SSIC, HSIC, I2C, SMBus, or audio interfaces. Multiple keys might be notched on a particular M.2 device, and much can be learned from this. A device with both the “B” and “M” key can work in either socket-type and thus must be using only interfaces present on both: 2-lane PCI Express, SATA, or SMBus, in this example.

A Variety of Footprints

Embedded applications come in all shapes and sizes, from wearables to aircraft, and M.2 provides a one-bus-fits-all solution to this myriad of target form-factors. Available in dozens of different footprints, from a 12mm × 16mm, soldered-in-place version and the largest at 30mm × 110mm, all use the same bus signals and software interfaces. This common electrical interface, common software interface, and well-defined feature/key system together ensure adding data acquisition and control devices to your project is easier than ever — even after your design is established.

ACCES standard footprint: TYPE 2280-D3-B-M, with a break-away to convert to TYPE 2260-D3-B-M

Where: 22 – width in mm

80 or 60 – height in mm

D31 – thickness, first is a letter denoting a single- (S) or double- (D) sided option, while second character is a number 1, 2 or 3 denoting the maximum allowable thickness

B – ACCES M.2 cards are compatible with all B-type sockets

M – ACCES M.2 cards are also compatible with all M-type sockets

For a more detailed M.2 specification, visit https://www.pcisig.com/

M.2 Products


Multifunction Analog Input/Output DAQ on M.2

Model# of InputsResBip RngSpeed# DACsDigital I/OXThf:att:pa_inputshf:att:pa_res-inputhf:att:pa_bip-rg-inputhf:att:pa_speedhf:att:pa_outputshf:att:pa_digital-i-ohf:att:pa_xt
M.2-AIO16-16FDS16 SE, or 8 Diff, or 8 SE and 4 Diff1671MHz ×242 I/OYesShow details16-se-or-8-diff-or-8-se-and-4-diff1671mhz-x242-i-oyes
M.2-AIO16-16F16 SE, or 8 Diff, or 8 SE and 4 Diff1671MHz ×242 I/OYesShow details16-se-or-8-diff-or-8-se-and-4-diff1671mhz-x242-i-oyes
M.2-AIO16-16E16 SE, or 8 Diff, or 8 SE and 4 Diff167250kHz42 I/OYesShow details16-se-or-8-diff-or-8-se-and-4-diff167250khz42-i-oyes
M.2-AIO16-16A16 SE, or 8 Diff, or 8 SE and 4 Diff167500kHz42 I/OYesShow details16-se-or-8-diff-or-8-se-and-4-diff167500khz42-i-oyes
M.2-AIO12-16E16 SE, or 8 Diff, or 8 SE and 4 Diff127100kHz42 I/OYesShow details16-se-or-8-diff-or-8-se-and-4-diff127100khz42-i-oyes
M.2-AIO12-16A16 SE, or 8 Diff, or 8 SE and 4 Diff127500kHz42 I/OYesShow details16-se-or-8-diff-or-8-se-and-4-diff127500khz42-i-oyes
M.2-AIO12-1616 SE, or 8 Diff, or 8 SE and 4 Diff127250kHz42 I/OYesShow details16-se-or-8-diff-or-8-se-and-4-diff127250khz42-i-oyes
M.2-AI16-16F16 SE, or 8 Diff, or 8 SE and 4 Diff1671MHz ×22 I/OYesShow details16-se-or-8-diff-or-8-se-and-4-diff1671mhz-x26342-i-oyes
M.2-AI16-16E16 SE, or 8 Diff, or 8 SE and 4 Diff167250kHz2 I/OYesShow details16-se-or-8-diff-or-8-se-and-4-diff167250khz6342-i-oyes
M.2-AI16-16A16 SE, or 8 Diff, or 8 SE and 4 Diff167500kHz2 I/OYesShow details16-se-or-8-diff-or-8-se-and-4-diff167500khz6342-i-oyes
M.2-AI12-16A16 SE, or 8 Diff, or 8 SE and 4 Diff127500kHz2 I/OYesShow details16-se-or-8-diff-or-8-se-and-4-diff127500khz6342-i-oyes
M.2-AI12-1616 SE, or 8 Diff, or 8 SE and 4 Diff127250kHz2 I/OYesShow details16-se-or-8-diff-or-8-se-and-4-diff127250khz6342-i-oyes
M.2-AI12-16E16 SE, or 8 Diff, or 8 SE and 4 Diff127100kHz2 I/OYesShow details16-se-or-8-diff-or-8-se-and-4-diff127100khz6342-i-oyes
M.2-ADIO16-8FDS8 SE or 4 Diff1671MHz416 I/OYesShow details8-se-or-4-diff1671mhz416-i-oyes
M.2-ADIO16-8F8 SE or 4 Diff1671MHz416 I/OYesShow details8-se-or-4-diff1671mhz416-i-oyes
M.2-ADIO16-8A8 SE or 4 Diff167500kHz416 I/OYesShow details8-se-or-4-diff167500khz416-i-oyes
M.2-ADIO16-8E8 SE or 4 Diff167250kHz416 I/OYesShow details8-se-or-4-diff167250khz416-i-oyes
M.2-ADI16-8F8 SE or 4 Diff1671MHz16 I/OYesShow details8-se-or-4-diff1671mhz63416-i-oyes
M.2-ADI16-8A8 SE or 4 Diff167500kHz16 I/OYesShow details8-se-or-4-diff167500khz63416-i-oyes
M.2-ADI16-8E8 SE or 4 Diff167250kHz16 I/OYesShow details8-se-or-4-diff167250khz63416-i-oyes
M.2-ADIO12-8A8 SE or 4 Diff127500kHz416 I/OYesShow details8-se-or-4-diff127500khz416-i-oyes
M.2-ADIO12-88 SE or 4 Diff127250kHz416 I/OYesShow details8-se-or-4-diff127250khz416-i-oyes
M.2-ADIO12-8E8 SE or 4 Diff127100kHz416 I/OYesShow details8-se-or-4-diff127100khz416-i-oyes
M.2-ADI12-8A8 SE or 4 Diff127500kHz16 I/OYesShow details8-se-or-4-diff127500khz63416-i-oyes
M.2-ADI12-88 SE or 4 Diff127250kHz16 I/OYesShow details8-se-or-4-diff127250khz63416-i-oyes
M.2-ADI12-8E8 SE or 4 Diff127100kHz16 I/OYesShow details8-se-or-4-diff127100khz63416-i-oyes

Digital (TTL/CMOS) Input/Output on M.2

ModelDigital I/OCountersCoS IRQXThf:att:pa_digital-i-ohf:att:pa_countershf:att:pa_coshf:att:pa_xt
M.2-DIO-24X24 I/O (8/8/4/4)16YesYesShow details24-i-o-8-8-4-416yesyes
M.2-DIO-24A24 I/O (8/8/4/4)16YesYesShow details24-i-o-8-8-4-416yesyes
M.2-DIO-2424 I/O (8/8/4/4)NoYesShow details24-i-o-8-8-4-4629noyes
M.2-DIO-24S24 I/O (8/8/4/4)YesYesShow details24-i-o-8-8-4-4629yesyes

Isolated Digital: Inputs, Relays (Electromechanical and Solid-State (FET)) on M.2

ModelDigital I/ORelays/FETsCountersCOSXThf:att:pa_digital-i-ohf:att:pa_relayhf:att:pa_countershf:att:pa_coshf:att:pa_xt
M.2-IIRO-88 In & 8 Out8 EMYesYesShow details8-in-8-out8629yesyes
M.2-RO-88 Out8 EMNoYesShow details8-out8629noyes
M.2-IIRO-44 In & 4 Out4 EMYesYesShow details4-in-4-out4629yesyes
M.2-IDIO-88 In & 8 Out8 FETsYesYesShow details8-in-8-out8-ss629yesyes
M.2-IDO-88 Out8 FETsNoYesShow details8-out8-ss629noyes
M.2-IDIO-44 In & 4 Out4 FETsYesYesShow details4-in-4-out4-ss629yesyes
M.2-II-44 InYesYesShow details4-in570629yesyes
M.2-II-88 InYesYesShow details8-in570629yesyes
M.2-II-1616 InYesYesShow details16-in570629yesyes

Serial Communications (incl Isolated) on M.2

ModelRS-232RS-422RS-485Max BaudIsolationLRG FIFOConnectorXThf:att:pa_rs-232hf:att:pa_rs-422hf:att:pa_rs-485hf:att:pa_baudhf:att:pa_isolationhf:att:pa_lrg-fifohf:att:pa_connectorhf:att:pa_xt
M.2-ICM485-1NoneNone13MYesYesHirose 5-pin Latching, Cabled DB9YesShow detailsnonenone13myesyeshirose-5-pin-latching cabled-db9yes
M.2-ICM485-2NoneNone23MYesYesHirose 5-pin Latching, Cabled DB9YesShow detailsnonenone23myesyeshirose-5-pin-latching cabled-db9yes
M.2-ICM485-4NoneNone43MYesYesHirose 5-pin Latching, Cabled DB9YesShow detailsnonenone43myesyeshirose-5-pin-latching cabled-db9yes
M.2-ICM422-1None1None3MYesYesHirose 5-pin Latching, Cabled DB9YesShow detailsnone1none3myesyeshirose-5-pin-latching cabled-db9yes
M.2-ICM422-2None2None3MYesYesHirose 5-pin Latching, Cabled DB9YesShow detailsnone2none3myesyeshirose-5-pin-latching cabled-db9yes
M.2-ICM422-4None4None3MYesYesHirose 5-pin Latching, Cabled DB9YesShow detailsnone4none3myesyeshirose-5-pin-latching cabled-db9yes
M.2-ICM232-22NoneNone921.6kYesYesHirose 5-pin Latching, Cabled DB9YesShow details2nonenone921-6kyesyeshirose-5-pin-latching cabled-db9yes
M.2-ICM232-44NoneNone921.6kYesYesHirose 5-pin Latching, Cabled DB9YesShow details4nonenone921-6kyesyeshirose-5-pin-latching cabled-db9yes
M.2-COM232-22NoneNone921.6kNoYesHirose 6-pin Latching, Cabled DB9YesShow details2nonenone921-6knoyeshirose-6-pin-latching cabled-db9yes
M.2-COM-2SNone223MNoYesHirose 6-pin Latching, Cabled DB9YesShow detailsnone223mnoyeshirose-6-pin-latching cabled-db9yes
M.2-COM-2SM2223MNoYesHirose 6-pin Latching, Cabled DB9YesShow details2223mnoyeshirose-6-pin-latching cabled-db9yes
M.2-COM232-44NoneNone921.6kNoYesHirose 6-pin Latching, Cabled DB9YesShow details4nonenone921-6knoyeshirose-6-pin-latching cabled-db9yes
M.2-COM-4SNone443MNoYesHirose 6-pin Latching, Cabled DB9YesShow detailsnone443mnoyeshirose-6-pin-latching cabled-db9yes
M.2-COM-4SM4443MNoYesHirose 6-pin Latching, Cabled DB9YesShow details4443mnoyeshirose-6-pin-latching cabled-db9yes

Ethernet Ports on M.2


M.2 Gigabit Ethernet LAN Card

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Quadrature and Other Counters on M.2

ModelQuad InputsCounter ResolutionReceiver TypeCounter TypeXThf:att:pa_quad-inputshf:att:pa_counter-resolutionhf:att:pa_receiver-typehf:att:pa_counter-typehf:att:pa_xt
M.2-QUAD-4432-bitISL32173LS7766YesShow details432-bitisl32173ls7766yes
M.2-QUAD-8832-bitISL32173LS7766YesShow details832-bitisl32173ls7766yes