Setup Programs, Samples, And Utility Software

Setup Programs, Samples, and Utility Software


The ACCES Software Install Packages contain setup programs, samples, and utilities for each card, as well as some general utilities useful for most cards. These include:

  • Settings.exe – A Windows setup program to help you configure jumpers and calibrate the card, for those cards with jumpers or calibration.
  • Samples demonstrating how to use the card with:
    • C#
    • Delphi 5 /XE
    • Some products include samples in
      • Borland C/C++ 3.1 (for DOS)
      • Visual Basic 5/6
      • Visual C++ 5/6
      • Visual C.NET
      • Visual Basic.NET
    • gcc and g++ under Linux using <sys/io.h> or our APCI/AIOUSB drivers/APIs
    • for some cards, LabVIEW under Windows
    • ASK for additional languages and OSes — we are truly here to help!
  • AIOWDM/ACCESNT/ACCES32 – A Windows .DLL that provides 32-bit and 64-bit Windows software with access to hardware registers. Samples demonstrating its use are also included. It contains many functions to perform register reads and writes as well as IRQ handling from user code. (Note: IRQs in near-real-time data acquisition programs require multi-threaded application programming techniques and must be considered an intermediate to advanced programming topic.)  Legacy code written against ACCES32.dll for Windows 95 and up work automatically in modern Windows like 10/11— just install the lastest software package and “it just works”!
    • The Linux equivalent, APCI, provides access the hardware via byte-sized, word-sized, and long-sized reads and writes via a kernel module and API .so file —note programs run as superuser or root can use ioperm() and the I/O functions from <sys/io.h> without any other modules, and we document this.
  • AIOWDMFind.exe / PCIFind.exe – A utility for Windows to determine bus resources allocated to installed PCI and PCIe cards. This information is not needed when you use the modern AIOWDM functions provided, but exists to support legacy code.
  • WinRISC.exe & RISCTerm.exe – Dumb-terminal type communication programs designed for RS232/422/485 operation under Windows/DOS, respectively. Used primarily with REMOTE ACCES Data Acquisition Pods and our RS422/485 serial communication product line. Can be used to say hello to an installed modem. RISCTerm stands for Really Incredibly Simple Communications TERMinal.
  • …and much more!  Install a package and check it out at any time!

Linux customers should consult and refer to the APCI repository for PCI and PCI Express devices, or the AIOUSB repository for USB DAQ devices.

All serial cards will be automatically installed and configured by the drivers as standard COM/ttyS ports.

Note: ACCES Software is incredibly lightweight: the installed size of our largest software package is under 50 megabytes.  Additionally, zero services or background programs are installed — there’s no license management daemon, no internet accesses, no bloatware.  Our software is optimized for clean and tight embedded systems implementation to serve you best.

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