STB-120CH, 50-Pin Multi-Header Universal Screw Terminal Board for up to 120 Digital I/O Channels


  • Screw terminals for up to 120 I/O channels in multiples of 24-bit groups
  • 45 degree angle terminals with captive screws eliminates headaches associated with non-captive style
  • 50-pin male header connectors
  • Specifically designed for use with 24-bit 8255-based digital I/O products from any manufacturer that have grounds on all the even pins and the I/O on the odd pins of a 50-pin connector
  • Pin 49 (connects to +5V of I/O card) breaks out in screw terminal pairs next to the corresponding 50 pin connector
  • A pair of ground pin terminals are located adjacent to the pin 49 terminals for utility usage such as exciting sensors or sourcing current to external devices
  • Silk screen labeling clearly identifies terminal to corresponding connector pin number
  • Screw terminals accept 26 to 12 AWG wire
  • Installed in a steel powder coated enclosure model T-BOX
  • T-BOX is DIN-rail mountable using our MP104-DIN accessory
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The STB-120CH screw terminal board family allows you to break out signals from an I/O card to screw terminals for easy field signal wiring of relays, sensors and switches commonly found in industrial environments. It features 50 position header connectors and can be used with any I/O card that has a compatible 50 pin mating connector. The STB can be mounted using the provided 4/40 x ½ inch standoffs to a panel or plate. It was designed to be used in rugged industrial environments but is small enough to fit nicely onto any desk or testing station. The board ships inside a steel powder-coated enclosure with an anti-skid bottom. A DIN rail mounting provision is available for installation in industrial environments. Typical mating cables (Model CAB50F-6) are flat ribbon cables used to connect with a variety of ACCES I/O’s digital I/O products.

The STB-120CH is a fully populated board which contains 152 screw terminals with 5-50 pin connectors. This would be ideal for interfacing with our PCI-DIO-120 digital I/O card.

For old-school applications this product is useful with many of our legacy ISA digital I/O products.

Versions with different channel count:

  • STB-DIO48CH  48 Channels
  • STB-DIO72CH  72 Channels
  • STB-DIO96CH  96 Channels
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120 DIO Screw Terminal Board


48 DIO Screw Terminal Board


72 DIO Screw Terminal Board


96 DIO Screw Terminal Board

CAB50F-6 50-pin ribbon cable with 2 Female connectors. (available in different lengths, contact us)
MP104-DIN DIN rail mounting provision
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-OEM Board Only version (no enclosure )